KIKO MILANO Trend Collection

KIKO MILANO was a brand I’d heard lots about but never actually owned anything from.  That was until a branch of KIKO was opened at Lakeside earlier this year and now I can’t get enough of it.

How beautiful is this whole collection?!  KIKO you’ve got it spot on with this one.
KIKO MILANOThe KIKO Trend Collection is a Limited Edition Summer 2016 Collection inspired by the passion to travel.  KIKO collaborated with designer Ross Lovegrove to create this beautiful collection.  The British designer, known for his futuristic forms drawn from nature, has interpreted the collection’s theme by bundling each product.  Ross Lovegrove captures the essence of breeziness, elegance, femininity, sensuality and functionality, highlighting the packaging by a metallic rose gold hue, embossed by a pattern of circles, that expresses his signature style, while still maintaining KIKO’s aesthetics.

I think he’s done a bloody amazing job, I’m such a sucker for rose gold as it is so this packaging ticks all the boxes for me, it really is beautiful.  It was the packaging that actually drew me into the store in the first place.

KIKO Wanderlust Collection

In my little KIKO Trend Collection stash I currently own…

Desert Dunes Baked Bronzer (£22.90) in Warm Malange, which is now my favourite bronzer & that’s saying something.  It’s perfect for my skin, when we were on holiday a few weeks ago this is all I wore on my face.  It gives a gorgeous warm glow, it blends out really well and oh my the smell… it smells good enough to eat.

KIKO Baked Bronzer

Endless Sky Volume Effect Mascara (£12.90) I was in the market for a new mascara and as I normally stick to the same couple, I thought I’d give this one ago and so far it’s not disappointing.  The brush is made up of different fibers and it applies the product evenly without clumping at all, I have no fall out at all whilst wearing this and after curling my lashes it makes them look fabulouso!

KIKO Mascara

 Mirage Lip Stylo (£12.90)  I absolutely love love love these lipsticks.  The consistency is creamy & luscious.  It has a magnetic clasp which I love and they feel really high end to the touch.  There is currently 16 Lipstick in their range and I have No11 Soul Blackcurrant which is totally not my shade but I love it and I also have No14 Bohemian Sienna which is a deep wine colour (it looks really pink on their website!) I love these lippies and the only negative I have is that they have is that the shape of the lipstick makes it kinda difficult to apply so I have to use my lip brush.  Other than that, I love them and since taking these pictures I’ve already bought another two. (No3 & No1)


KIKO MILANO Mirage Lip Stylo

Lastly I picked up the Heatwave Lip Oil (£10.90) in Vanilla.  Now I suffer from really dry lips a result of the Stem Cell Transplant I had so I am always smothering them in something or other and so this Lip Oil has become a fast favorite and I apply this all the time at the mo, it’s got a a subtle hint of Vanilla but nothing too overpowering.  They also have Coconut & Grapefruit flavours, yummy!

KIKO Trend Collection

Pay day is next week and KIKO is the first place I shall be visiting…  I need to try out their DD Cream, the Baked Blushers and the eyeshadow sticks!

Love Polly x


My Cancer Journey Part 12.. The PET Scan Photo

***I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve written, I’ve found this next bit really hard to write.  I guess it’s because it was such a horrible time that to be honest I don’t really remember too much about it.  I guess it’s right when they say that your brain blocks out the really shit stuff.***

April 2013

So, the plan was… Cancel the honeymoon AGAIN, shave my head AGAIN and be pumped full of chemo AGAIN… and then be morphed into my big brother.
The PICC line (a long, thin, flexible tube known as a catheter. It is inserted into one of the large veins of the arm near the bend of the elbow. It is then threaded into the vein until the tip sits in a large vein just above the heart) was fitted.  So next stop was another bone marrow biopsy which was the bit that I was most concerned about.  Bone marrow biopsies are sent from the devil. (you can read about my last one here.)  Then there was the heart, lung & kidney function tests, to make sure they are up for what they’re about to be put through.  Then onto 3 cycles of ESHAP chemotherapy and a cycle of LEAM chemotherapy (They call this salvage chemo, which sure fills you with so much hope) and then another PET scan.  If the scan showed that the cancer had gone then they’d do a Autologous Stem Cell Transplant – meaning they’d extract my own stem cells, give them a wash then return them to me.  If the PET scan showed that the cancer was still lurking then they’d do an Allogeneic stem – meaning I would have to have a stem cell transplant from a donor.

Here are my PET scan pictures, the big white area (left) and the black areas (right) are the cancer. My mum & looked at the photo during the consultation,  but I didn’t wanna see.  Even looking at these PET scan images now really freaks me out.  It’s so strange to think that I had a 9cm mass just sitting in my chest quite literally trying to kill me.

My PET scan showing the lymphoma in my chest
I once again signed my life away… I signed to say that I understood there would be a million side effects from the chemo and that I will have to take pills for those side effects that will also cause side effects.  I signed to say that after the transplant it would take years for my body to return to ‘normal.’  I signed to say that there was a chance that I could die from either the cancer not responding to the chemotherapy or that I could die from an infection because my body has no cells to fight said infection.  I signed to say that my body may reject my immune system so thus meaning the whole process could fail. I signed that I understood that I’d more than likely never be able to have children naturally.
I also signed to say that my blood group would change from B+ (mine) to O- (my brothers) and that my DNA would change to his. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!?!

So, it was time to basically move up to London for the rest of the year.   I was lucky with the fact that UCLH has a super special hotel (the first of it’s kind) that opened at the end of 2012.  The Cotton Rooms is funded by charitable donations to the UCHL Charity.  The Cotton Rooms is a specialised hotel that allows patients (over the aged of 24, children & young adults have Paul’s House which is funded by Clic Sargent) and their families to all stay together in a more relaxed environment whilst the patient is receiving daily treatment.   The Cotton Rooms is located just behind the Macmillan Cancer Centre (about a 2 minute walk) It’s known as ambulatory care, meaning that you still have to go into the hospital for treatment & monitoring.  Each room has telephones that connect straight to the hospital and alarms by the bed & in the bathroom.  It is a successful and alternative way of delivering treatments to cancer patients who would historically have been kept in hospital.  It was certainly a perk that we didn’t realise existed and allowed us to be kinda ‘normal’ in the least normal time of our lives.

The Cotton Rooms

Apparently we took no photos of The Cotton Rooms, so here are a couple of stock ones

The Cotton Rooms

Jon & I were lucky enough to be given a room with a big king sized bed each time I was admitted.

Love Polly xx

My Favourite Nude Lipsticks

favourite nude lipsticks

(from L-R Nars-Chihuahua, Bourjois-Beige Trench, Kiko-502, Bobbi Brown-Sandwash Pink, Mac-Viva Glam II, Bourjois-Rose on the Rocks, Mac-Blankety, Soap & Glory-Blush Pink, Mac-Brave, Bobbi Brown-Pink Buff, Rimmel- Eastend Snob, Mac-Staunchly Stylish)

Look at all those pretty nudes, they are all different I promise you.  There’s always at least two of these babies littering the bottom of my handbag.  Some of these are pinkie nudes and some are more brownie nudes but on my skin tone they are all most definitely in the nude category.

I get asked all the time what I’m wearing on my lips and more often that not it’s one of these pretty shades.  I know technically there are 3 glosses in the mix but I love them so much that I couldn’t possibly leave them out!
There is just something so simple yet elegant about a nude lip, it looks hot with a smokey eye on a night out and looks just as gorgeous with a day to day face of slap.  I’m not ashamed to say that these aren’t all of my nude shades I have about 5/6 more but that post woulda been waaayy too long so I picked out my bestest ones.

my favourite nude lipsticks

NARS – Chihuahua Is a light baby pink gloss, with a warm tint to it.  It’s not crazy pigmented but It’s enough to give a subtle hint of colour and it’s not sticky!  I hate sticky glosses.

Bourjois Rouge Edition – Beige Trench This is the perfect everyday nude, I wear this most days to work.  I think I’m on my 3rd one now. It’s all full of Orchid Blossom Extract which makes it super moisturising.

Kiko – 502 (I think this is discontinued) I picked this up a few weeks ago for like £2. Bargin.  This is their Luscious Cream Formula Lipstick & it most definitely feels luscious & creamy.  I can’t seem to find it online anywhere so I’m guessing it was a limited edition?!

Bobbi Brown – Sandwash Pink My favourite.  I bought this for my wedding day and I’ve since repurchased it.  It’s honestly my favourite shade, not to mention great on my horrid dry lips.  Good work Bobbi Brown, please don’t ever discontinue this!!

MAC – Viva Glam II Viva Glam II is a more of a brownish nude.  It has a mauve tint to it, some people liken it to Faux.  The pigmentation is amazing though, it honestly has the best pay off!

My favourite nude lipsticks

Bourjois Aqua Laque Liquid Lipstick – 02 Rose on the Rocks Bourjois have got this product so right!  It’s a cross between a lippie and a gloss.  The consistency is smooth & silky & once it’s set it’s set.  Rose is a really subtle light pinky everyday colour.

MAC – Blankety I wasn’t sure if this was going to wash me out too much.  It’s a kind of beige pink colour but it has purple undertones that you can definitely see in certain lights.  It’s growing on me more and more, it looks lovely pared with spice lip liner, gives it a more ‘glam’ feel.

Soap & Glory – Blush Pink  THIS SMELLS AMAZING.  All Soap & Glory products smell delicious and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint, it also feels like silk when applied.   This is the darkest out of the lot and is more of a plum.  Check out my Soap & Glory post here

MAC – Brave  This is a perfect darker pink toned nude.  Perfect and my favourite MAC Lipstick out of them all, it’s always the one I’m drawn to in my MAC draw. *I’m talking little Muji draw, not a filing cabinet!*

Bobbi Brown – Pink Beige  I bought this with the lipstick for my wedding day and I still love it.  The colour is great and it stays put for blooming ages.  It’s also got a fresh minty smell/taste and it’s lush. 

Then there is  Rimmel Liner – Eastend Snob and MAC Liner – Staunchly Stylish I have so many lip liners and Eastend snob is the one I’ve repurchased this over & over again, It is the perfect nude to wear with every shade.  Staunchly Stylish is a beige / pink long wearing liner.  It’s quite a drying formula so if you wanted to wear it alone make sure you load up with lip balm before.

Bloody hell, that’s a lot of nudes!  What else do I need to try?

Love, Polly xx

Spring Wishlist

It’s now officially Spring and my wishlist is getting longer & longer.  Spring is my favourite season, I always feel most alive in Spring, the days are longer and brighter and there are daffodils & tulips all around.  I’ve been poorly since the start of January and I swear the cold miserable dark days make me feel worse, but I’m finally starting to feel better and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t get struck down with anything else for awhile.  Anyway the S/S collections have hit the shops and there are so many gorgeous things out there at the moment.  I’ve been trying to get my hands on the Rose Gold Converse for ages but I cant find them anywhere!

Spring Wishlist

1. Ray-Ban Sunglasses £98

2. ASOS Kimono T-Shirt £20

3. ASOS Shirt Dress £40

4. Missguided Ankle Tie Shoes £30

5. NYX Matte Lip Cream £5.50

6. Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Elise £26

7. Jo Malone Tuberose & Angelica Intense Perfume £105 for 100ml

8. ASOS Jumper Dress £35

9. Rose Gold Converse £59.99 

10. ASOS Tie Leg Wedges £32

I need to get my hands on the lot.  Please. Thank you.  Is there anything else I need to add to my wishlist??

Love, Polly xx